Pregnancy care

We are aware of the high costs associated with maintaining Private Health Insurance and endeavour to keep our fees as low as possible.  Please contact our rooms and we will happily provide you with a detailed outline of fees.

Navigating pregnancy fees is a little daunting at first. To keep it simple, there are 2 parts to fees: (1) clinic appointment fees and (2) an additional ‘Pregnancy Management Fee’.

Private health insurance funds do not cover you for clinic appointment fees, however, if you have Medicare, then you will receive partial reimbursement.

The ‘Pregnancy Management Fee’ takes into account Kiran’s high standard of care which includes:

  • Continuity of care seeing Kiran at all appointments
  • 24 hours per day availability and ‘on-call’ support from Kiran throughout your pregnancy
  • Kiran to assist with your labour (however long it is!) and birth of your baby at St John of God (SJOG) Hospital in Berwick
  • Inpatient care whilst you are in hospital
  • Post-partum care (6 weeks post-delivery)

The fee also covers any gaps from certain private health insurance funds that have chosen not to reimburse in line with industry standard (‘AMA recommended fees’).

It is important to be aware that there are additional ‘routine’ costs of pregnancy that are payable for some tests and other care-givers (e.g. Ultrasounds, Paediatrician, Anaesthetist).


The Gynaecology consultation fees are partially covered by the ‘Medicare rebate’. Any procedures (e.g. IUD insertion, colposcopy for abnormal pap smears, biopsies) performed during your appointment will be accordingly billed. Private health insurance does not cover outpatient clinic fees or any outpatient procedures.

If you require hospital admission for surgery, you can choose to pay through of one of two methods: (1) Self-funded, or through (2) Private health insurance. If you are self-funded, you will need to pay upfront and you will receive a partial reimbursement if you have Medicare. If you choose private health insurance, the upfront ‘out of pocket’ cost or ‘gap fee’ depends on the type of surgery and particular health fund you are with.  Each fund provides a different amount of cover.

Please contact our rooms and we will happily provide you with an individualised estimate of cost.